We are Forests of People.

We are the alliance of indigenous peoples and local communities that protects the largest forested areas from Panama to Mexico.

We are Guardians of the Forest. We safeguard ancestral knowledge and combine it with innovative ideas. We protect the forests of Mesoamerica and seek solutions for a balanced coexistence with nature. We promote initiatives that combine technology, traditional wisdom and territorial governance for the well-being of our communities and the entire world.

Indigenous peoples and forest communities consolidate forest governance in the region through dialogue

The Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests (AMPB), together with the Central American Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD) and its Technical Committee on Forests and Sustainable Landscapes, held the Regional Dialogue: “Community Forestry Agenda in Mesoamérica, Opportunities, and Challenges”, to consolidate the exercise of forest governance in the region and thus find new ways...

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As indigenous people we move quickly to survive, but we need help

As indigenous people we move quickly to survive, but we need help

The Bribri people of the tropical forests of Costa Rica, came out of isolation only in the last decades. Because of this, we are often called “the hidden people.” As the deadly new coronavirus takes hold in Costa Rica and other tropical forest countries, we run the risk of being invisible again.

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