Lines of work

In addition to animating a platform for coordination and political advocacy at the regional level, the AMPB has semi-autonomous lines of work for capacity development, direct financing to territories and political training.

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Mesoamerican Leadership School

Our “school without walls” reaches the Mesoamerican territories with an innovative methodology to build leadership based on inquiry and reflection. It works with the person so that it is recognized, rebuilt and can base their behavior from a community perspective.

Coordinator of Women Territorial Leaders of Mesoamerica

Its objective is to position the threats, challenges and challenges faced by indigenous and community women on the environmental political agenda, as well as to propose solutions for the inclusion of women in environmental policies related to their territorial rights.

Mesoamerican Territorial Fund

It is a direct territorial financing solution for the implementation of territorial rights of indigenous peoples and territorial rights. It connects key stakeholders and funds with communities to achieve significant grassroots progress on climate change, conservation and development.

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