Mayangna Women’s Government creates their strategic plan

Oct 13, 2021 | COP26, News

The Board of the Mayangna Women’s Government gathered in Managua, this 5 and 6 of October, with the objective of designing the strategic plan for the next five years of administration.

Some of the strategic actions that they jointly defined are: To protect and conserve Mother Earth by promoting the rescue of traditional Mayangna values; to empower Mayangna women on gender inequalities, indigenous rights and leadership; to create community awareness on Climate Change in order to develop adaptation and mitigation measures for each territory; and to promote collaborative and exchange networks of women producers aiming to guarantee food sovereignty for their territories.

One of the most relevant actions that they identified as necessary is the development of a diagnosis about good environmental related community practices and local women leadership strategies in the nine different Mayangna territories.

The workshop was accompanied by Olga Montalban, specialist in institutional development and strengthening.

The Mayangna Women’s Government was born five years ago, to strengthen of capacities and the empowerment of Mayangna women in political, economic and socio-cultural rights, in order to promote women participation in decision making spaces at a territorial, regional and national level, based on the cosmovision of the Mayangna culture with a gender perspective.

The new board of directors of the Mayangna Women’s Government, elected on June 10 and 11 of this year, has representation from the nine Mayangna territories.

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