AMPB reconfigures work plans and technical support in territories

Sep 17, 2021 | News

The technical team of the Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests (AMPB) and its semi-autonomous units coordinated strategic themes to continue supporting the region’s territorial agenda and the work of AMPB member organizations.

From August 16 to 20, the Technical Secretariat and core teams of the Mesoamerican Leadership School, the Coordinator of Territorial Women Leaders of Mesoamerica, and the Mesoamerican Territorial Fund analyzed the progress made, learned strategic details of the regional and global context, and worked on adapting joint strategies to enhance the objectives of the indigenous peoples and local communities that make up the AMPB.

The technical team has worked permanently throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and, in the first quarter of 2021, resumed its face-to-face action in the territories with the appropriate biosecurity measures. With this work session, the team restarted its regional mobilization for the fulfillment of its plans and the strategic commitments of the AMPB oriented to the defense of rights, the care of common goods, forest governance, and the strengthening of local capacities, among other axes of work, following the biosafety protocol. 

During the working session, the technical staff of the AMPB and its semi-autonomous units reflected on the importance of strengthening and reconfiguring their work schemes in the territories, taking stock of achievements, progress, opportunities, and challenges during the past year and the current months.

Despite the difficulties related to the global crisis, the AMPB has consolidated its technical team to respond effectively to the demands and needs of member organizations and their territorial agenda and has regionalized new strategic positions. The meeting provided an opportunity to review the region to identify opportunities for financing and strengthen grassroots organizations in general, exchange visions and strategies for joint actions as facilitators of spaces for dialogue and dialogue between territorial authorities.  

In the regional and global effort, the AMPB team continues to visualize opportunities in relevant international events and scenarios, where member organizations can raise their messages and demands, working closely with the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities to strengthen the AMPB’s political agenda. This meeting helped to prepare the 2022 strategic plan of the Alliance, leveling relevant information to continue with the work of reinforcing the different areas that make up the AMPB.

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